What is VoIP? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a service that allows you to access telecommunication services over an Internet Connection instead of traditional analogue phone lines. Since the service is not tied to a physical phone line, it allows you to make/receive calls from a VoIP Phone, a computer, or a mobile phone (iPhone/Android) giving you the most flexibility & greater functionality without breaking the bank. What is SIP / SIP Trunking? SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling protocol that enables the VoIP calls. It is used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating VoIP Communication Sessions. The Trunk is the equivalent of the physical phone line provided by the Phone Service Providers, which allows customers to make SIP calls to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Can I use your VoIP service without upgrading my current phone system? Absolutely. KonnectCraft can provide SIP Trunks as long as your PBX is capable of handling SIP Trunks. Please note that your PBX might need additional licenses to enable that feature. We have deployed our SIP Trunks and services to different phone systems vendors like Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, FreePBX & 3CX. The commonly supported IP phone vendors are Fanvil, Yealink, Grandstream, and Cisco IP Phones. What is a PBX? PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private phone system used within an organization. It allows different devices (typically via a phone extension) to communicate with each other internally and make/receive calls external calls via external phone lines, PRIs or SIP Trunks. PBXs can be operated either on-premises or hosted in the cloud services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Traditionally PBXs used to be on-premises as a physical device but with the growing interconnected world and business requirements, more and more businesses are switching to Cloud Hosted virtual PBXs due to level of flexibility, reliability, and scalability it provides while maintaining lower operating costs. Is a Cloud Hosted PBX Safe and Reliable? Having a PBX hosted in Cloud is more reliable and safer than having an on-premises PBX as all the physical infrastructure is handled with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at upto 99.99% *. The underlying software is also regularly updated to fix any bugs or vulnerabilities. This would make a Hosted PBX much safer & more reliable compared to any on premises solutions out there. What kind of businesses can benefit from using your VoIP Plans? KonnectCraft VoIP plans can be utilized by any small sized business (1-99 employees), mid-sized businesses (100-499 employees) or large enterprises (500+ employees). One of the key benefits of using hosted PBX Solution is that it can scale up to fit any size of business as required while remaining cost-effective. Can I keep my current phone number? What about toll free numbers? Yes, you can! You can port your telephone number or toll-free numbers to KonnectCraft and keep using your existing telephone numbers. LNP (Local Number Porting) allows you to move your phone number from one service provider to another.  Please note there might be some costs associated for porting phone numbers. How long does it take to port a telephone number? Porting a phone number depends on the losing carrier. Typically, the process takes about 5-6 business days but on occasions it might take longer if there are some errors in the LNP order. Can my current provider reject my port request? The losing carrier can reject port request(s) when there are certain issues like mismatched account details like BTN (Billing Telephone Number – main telephone number on an account with multiple phone numbers), current billing name, addresses or account numbers, invalid authorized contact, for inactive accounts or accounts not in good standing. Sometimes, LNP can be rejected for minor typos as well. Hence it is very important to ensure that an authorized contact submits the LNP order matching details with the losing carrier. It is a good idea to match everything as it appears on your telephone bill. How much does the VoIP plans costs? The costs would depend on requirements. When it come to the business communications, ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply. Some businesses might have a different set of requirements like call recordings, CRM/ERP Systems Integrations while some might only want a simple telephone system. Please get in touch with us to get pricing details. Are there any hidden costs applicable? We believe in 100% transparency. Before you sign up for any of our plans, you will know the exact dollar amount (setup costs and monthly recurring costs) it would cost for deploying your phone systems. Get a Quote Today! How much can I expect to save with VoIP systems? We have had customers who have saved up-to 80% on their phone bills. It would typically range from 50% to 80% in cost savings. What kind of features are included your plans? Auto Attendant, Multi-Level IVRs, Call Queues, Ring Groups, User Status / Schedule based Routing, Skills based routing, Voicemail to Email, SMS, Unified Communications, Call Recordings, Windows & Mobile Apps (iPhones / Android), Voicemail Transcriptions, Call Reports, Hot Desking, Barge In/Listen/Whisper, CRM/ERP/Microsoft 365 Integrations, Skill Based Routing, High Availability Failover setups, SBCs (Session Border Controller).. the list goes on. Can I make international calls using VoIP? We provide Unlimited US/Canada calling plans, but we can facilitate calling select international destinations as well. However, we currently do not have unlimited calling plans outside US and Canada. What happens when there is a Power Outage or Internet Outage? The Uptime Guarantee is 99.99%. Since the PBX is hosted in the cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud) with multiple network and power redundancies, there is extremely minimal chance that the datacenter experiences any outages compared to a on site phone systems. In the event of power or internet outage on the office site(s), we can set up redundant systems for failovers such as re-routing the phone systems to designated backup phone numbers or utilize Mobile Applications with cellular data connections. We could also set up High Availability (HA) system for PBXs as well as on-site SBCs if required. Is there a Fair Usage Policy? KonnectCraft VoIP unlimited calls plans are subject to Fair Usage Policy (https://konnectcraft.ca/fair-usage-policy) to ensure the continued rate for all customers. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate services if we find any usage of auto dialers, predictive dialers, or Call Center Traffic. If you wish to use those, please advise us before signing up so that we can set you up with an appropriate plan accordingly. Can I see a demo or get a demo account to try out? Absolutely, please get in touch with us and we can set you up a demo account so that you can see how the system works. What are my support options if I have any issues once I sign up? With our onboarding process, we assign a dedicated Technical Account Manager who would be your primary point of contact for anything related to your account from any billing to technical issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide 100% satisfaction in the service we offer to all our customers. With our service team located across North America, we will guarantee timely support of our services as per your service agreement. *Certain Conditions apply