Factory Resetting common IP Phones used with 3cx

Here are the steps required to factory reset common IP phones. Please note that regardless of the phone manufacturer, while the phone is being reset, please do not disconnect the power supply while the system is being factory reset. If power is lost during the reset, it might possibly brick the phones.

Grandstream GXP Series (GXP-2135, GXP-2160 and others)

  1. Press the circle button on the center (between 4 arrow keys)
  1. Select System
  2. Select Factory Reset
  3. Confirm

Yealink Phones

  1. Press ‘Menu’ button
  2. Select ‘Settings – Advanced’
  3. Select ‘Reset to Factory’
  4. Press ‘OK’ to confirm


  • Press and hold “OK” button for about 7-10 seconds to factory reset.
  • On some models like SIP-T56A / SIP-T57W / SIP-T58A / SIP-VP59 / SIP-T49G, you must press, and hold “Redial” button for about 5-7 seconds

Fanvil X Series / V Series Phones

  1. Power off the phone
  2. Press and hold # key and power the device back on
  3. Once you have “Post Mode” showing on the screen, Dial * # 1 6 8
  4. Wait 5-7 seconds until the screen “Conf Rest” is displayed on the screen. Once this is completed, it will be reset to factory defaults upon reboot.

SNOM D1 / D3 / D7 / D8 Series

  1. Power off the phone (or you could Press **## to reboot the phone)
  2. Press and hold # while the phone reboots to “Rescue Mode”
  3. Select option 1 for settings reset
  4. Once reset is complete, you can press any key to reboot.

These are the most common models of IP phones currently in use. If there are any other phones that you’d like help with, please feel free to contact us and we will try to help you reset them to factory defaults.

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