Using Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API using Postman/Windows


Make sure the billing method is active and enabled on the Google Cloud Console. (Pro Tip: Set  a Budget in “Budgets & alerts” to keep track of expenses within a Google Cloud account. You can set alerts to notify billing admins and users when a budget goes over a specified amount.)
Enable “Cloud Text-to-Speech API” on Google Cloud APIs & Services
API Key Generated from “Credentials section” on APIs & Services. (Restrict access to prevent unauthorized use. Key can be programmed to set restrictions on select APIs or applications.)

Request URL: (Generated from the Prerequisites above)

Request Body:

“text”:”This is where the Text goes”

Copy Everything with “audioContent” jSON, save the encoded data as a text file.

Use certutil in Windows to decode it to mp3 file

certutil -decode textfile.txt audiofile.mp3

Supported Voice & Languages

Additional Reference

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